Kung Fu Master Chen Nan

Shaolin Kung Fu Master

Kung Fu Master Chen Nan started Shaolin Martial Arts training at the age of 12 at Shaolin Temple in China. He came to the United States in 2010 and has been teaching children and adults Kung Fu since then. He is highly skilled in various kinds of Shaolin forms and weapons. Master Chen is an extremely disciplined, diligent, and passionate teacher of traditional Chinese Kung Fu. He particularly enjoys working with children. With children, his focus is not only on physical training of Kung Fu but also development of proper virtues such as honesty, integrity, discipline, and respect. Master Chen’s teaching philosophy is that praise, encouragement, and positive reinforcement are most effective ways of instruction. At the same time, he sets high expectations for each individual in order to bring the best out of every student – while having fun!

Master Chen is the founder of Chen Nan Shaolin Kung Fu Academy. Currently, Master Chen is the instructor for all adult/teens and children Kung Fu classes at our school .

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