Kung Fu Studio

1158 Saratoga Ave, San Jose

Our Kung Fu studio is located at 1158 Saratoga Ave, San Jose. We provide a safe and clean environment which allows every student to fully get the most out of our program. We offer 1,600 square feet of training space at our Kung Fu studio in San Jose, which is brightly lit with full walls of mirrors. Floor in entire training area is covered with cushioned mats, absorbing shock and taking the high impact out of jumping.

We award students colored belts to demonstrate their degree of training, time in rank and dedication. Students will be taught the skills listed in that curriculum before they take the test. Students will receive a belt test form to prepare for their tests once the Master feels that they are ready. Students can also request for a belt test if they feel that they are ready themselves and are determined to step up.

Below are some pictures taken at our studio.

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