What our clients say


Sunnyvale, CA

My 6-old daughter was a complete beginner when she started but she instantly was hooked. Master Chen always led the classes in a fun, positive and interactive manner but at the same time he ensured that each kid was moving along. During the first class, he instantly noticed that my daughter had focus issues. For months, he kept a close eye on her and frequently helped redirect her attention. Once he spotted that my daughter had her left and right shoes on opposite right away and helped fix it. My daughter was so proud to receive her white belt! A lot of credit goes to Master Chen for his continuous encouragement and support for her.

James T.

San Jose

My daughter had a wonderful time learning Kung Fu . She asked for Kung Fu class and Master Chen throughput the week and she even practiced warm-up moves on her own at home, in the supermarket, and in restaurants (fortunately she has not run into anybody yet!). I am happy to see Kung Fu so well-integrated into her life.

Yvonne T.


Master Chen is truly an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and disciplined yet courteous, approachable and caring. He is a role model for my kids. I would highly recommend Master Chen without any reservations!

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