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Children Kids Kung Fu Class, Shaolin Kung Fu School in San Jose, California



Martial Arts for Kids (ages 5-12)

Our Kids Kung Fu Class is for children 5 year olds or older to learn not only martial arts, but also respect, discipline, self-control and mindfulness. We strive to improve a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem through traditional Shaolin Kung Fu training, sparring, and self-defense skills. After children acquire basic skills in Shaolin Kung Fu forms, they will receive more advanced training in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu weapons such as Shaolin staff and Shaolin broad sword.

Each Kids Kung Fu class starts with warm-ups and minor workouts such as kicks, punches, and strikes. Stretching exercises are practiced in every class to progressively improve body flexibility and ensure safety of training. The main focus of each class will be on traditional Shaolin forms or weapons depending on level of each student. Proficiency in these forms or weapons allows a student to advance through our belt ranking system.

From time to time we offer games that reinforce Kung Fu skills or teach self-defense techniques so that children can have fun while learning. Students also get to work on sparring and self-defense training that becomes the foundation for more advanced martial arts training. This fun-filled Kung Fu class is designed to help children grow in a positive, well-disciplined, yet challenging way.


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