Tai Chi Class for Adults (ages 18+)

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Tai Chi Class, Shaolin Kung Fu School in San Jose, California

Our Tai Chi class is suitable for students ages 18 and over. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition which emphasizes a calm and peaceful mind.. Tai Chi combines deep breathing with a series of slow, focused, gentle movements. This form of exercise is low-impact and gentle as it imposes minimal stress on muscles and joints. The risk of injury is very low. As a result, Tai Chi is safe for any age regardless of weak or good health. It is particularly suitable for older adults who have been inactive for some time.

The benefits of Tai Chi are numerous. Students will be able to improve their fitness level, balance, body coordination, agility, flexibility, and muscular strength. Studies also show that Tai Chi helps lower blood pressure and stress, strengthens the immune system, promotes blood circulation, and improves the ability to concentrate and sleeping habits. Overall, Tai Chi can enhances both physical and psychological health.

In our Tai Chi class, we teach Chen Style Tai Chi forms which are slow, gentle and easy to learn.  These exercises stretch and tone the body through internal training. Our class includes 2 main parts: warm-up exercises which focus on loosening the joints, and instruction and practice of Tai Chi routines. Warm-ups include mild motions such as arm and neck circles, twisting of waist and hips, and rotation of knees and ankles. These warm-ups prepare your body for Tai Chi practice. Tai Chi practice includes memorizing the forms and mastering each form with deep mental concentration accompanied by controlled breathing.

Our class environment is friendly and non-competitive, and each student learns at their own pace.

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